Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Pumpkin Picking Fun!

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It has been a ridiculous amount of time since my last post. Apologies! I'm hopeful that I can get back into the swing of things now and share some of my favourite things about being a Mummy during Autumn and Winter, my favourite time of year. Today I thought I would share our first outing to choose a pumpkin...or two!

I have never really been into Halloween, in fact it is probably my least favourite 'holiday,' but now I am a Mum I feel that I should make a little more effort! I had seen lots of people choosing their own pumpkins at farms and it looked so 'Autumnal' and fun that I thought we would try and find somewhere local to visit. Luckily there was somewhere quite close by and when I mentioned it to my hubby he was happy to go.

Off we went, bundling little one in her hat, scarf, gloves and wellies. We invited Nanny and Grandad to come too and once we were all there we walked up to the 'pumpkin patch.' I have to say that it was a really nice sight. Seeing Chloe's excitement, and hearing hubby's stories of when his Dad used to carve their pumpkins when they were younger, made me think that I needed to make this a yearly tradition.


We were told that the best pumpkins were the ones at the top of the hill, of course they would be! But we trundled up, picking up pumpkins along the way. I was keen to have a few little ones to display and a big one for carving. Chloe had picked up the first little one she had seen and would not let it go, I guess that one was coming home then! Nanny and Grandad also bought a few, and some other fresh fruit from the farm shop.

What surprised me was the really reasonable price. I expected it to be quite expensive but for two large pumpkins and four small-medium ones it only came to just over £7.00! I thought that was a great price, not quite the 50p-£1 price tag at Asda but for the fun hour or so we had it was worth that little bit extra. Definitely don't let the thought of a more expensive price put you off!

Once we had finished at the farm we headed to a local garden centre for some tea and cake. Of course it was essential that we had a little walk around the Christmas decorations and maybe purchase a couple....

All in all, it made me think that I should have some kind of Autumnal tick list of things to do, a bucket list perhaps. I really enjoyed it and am trying to think of other things we could do before the Christmas season kicks in....what do you do? Would love to hear your ideas and add some to my list!

We haven't carved the big pumpkin yet, that will be hubby's job at the weekend, before our Halloween get together on Sunday evening, I will be sure to share his efforts on Instagram!

Hope you enjoyed reading this and there is still time to go and pick your own pumpkin for Halloween, see if a farm near you has a pumpkin patch, I guarantee you will have a great time and a lovely way to spend time as a family!

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