Saturday, 10 September 2016

Dressing-up ideas for Roald Dahl day!

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Roald Dahl's birthday month is September and many schools are celebrating by having a dress-up day! I thought I would write a blog post with some less costly ideas for costumes for your little ones! Some you could do just with the bits and bobs you will be able to find at home and others you may need to buy a few accessories but hopefully they will give you some inspiration. I used to be in charge of planning and organising all of the events like this and I absolutely loved it! Here goes...hope they help to give you some inspiration!

Ideas for boys


Charlie Bucket - simply find some old clothes that they are growing out of or that you don't mind not being able to use again! Make them look a bit dirty and maybe cut a few holes in them and the main part of your costume is done! Then make a golden ticket just with a piece of gold card (or yellow I'm sure will do the job!) and send them on their way! Another little touch you could do would be to make a Wonka bar chocolate wrapper and cover a bar of chocolate.

Fantastic Mr Fox - all you really need is a fox mask! Once made, you could add a shirt, tie and trousers (maybe even just a school uniform) and be like the version from the film. A smart jacket/waistcoat would make it more authentic to the Quentin Blake the closets!

George (out of George's Marvellous Medicine) - super easy! Just normal clothes, maybe jeans and a jumper. Then send them into school with a big pan or bowl, a wooden spoon and an array of ingredients mentioned in the book. For an added crafty touch, tie little labels around each of the ingredients and use the description or quotes from the story where it is being used.

Mr Twit - oversized clothes that are a little ripped and stained, a bag of jelly worms, corn flakes etc. -  he used to have all sorts in his beard/hair....maybe a beard on elastic could be decorated or even a wig if you are feeling adventurous!

The BFG - probably a super popular one this year. All you need is a pair of shorts, a shirt and a waistcoat would top it off if you have one. Send your little ones into school with an empty jar (sure a plastic one could be found if needed) with a tag labelling it as the dream-jar, maybe you could be creative with a cucumber and make it look like snozzcumber and don't forget you will need a pair of could easily make some cardboard ones and stick them onto a hairband though if you didn't really want to buy anything!

Mike Teavee - if you have a cowboy dress up then he would be an easy one to do! Simply wear the cowboy outfit, including the hat, and make a golden ticket out of gold/yellow card!

Ideas for girls



Matilda - my favourite, and in fact who I dressed up as on World Book Day last year! You will need a blue dress or a skirt, blouse and a cardigan. Little dolly bar shoes and a red ribbon to go in their hair. Add to this a copy of Moby Dick and your costume is complete!

Sophie from The BFG - again, probably going to be a popular one this year! Simply wear a nighty (or pyjamas), maybe add a dressing gown and slippers depending on the weather, and a pair of old glasses without the lenses in. 

The Witches - you could either go in a simple witches outfit, or in a dress perhaps with mice ears/tail, or you could dress up as the Grandma! A skirt, top, bit of talc in the hair and a handbag and another one done!

Veruca Salt - party dress of some kind, or a nice skirt and top, perhaps topped with a furry coat or cardigan. Maybe add a little crossover bag for them to put their ticket in. Then make a golden ticket out of gold or yellow card.

I could go through all of the books and many more characters but these seemed the easiest to do without having to spend a fortune! Lots of parents I know are often commenting on the amount of different dress-up days, especially at primary school, but it doesn't have to cost a fortune. Little details that you can add to a simple costume will make all the difference, and be appreciated by all! Have fun with it, look through the books and discuss with your children their favourite characters from Dahl's books and work together to think outside of the box to make a great costume together! Don't be afraid to use the films for inspiration too.

Hope this has helped some of you or given you a little but of inspiration. Enjoy Roald Dahl day! Please feel free to share your ideas for costumes in the comments section too!

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