Wednesday, 10 August 2016

A Day of Fun...on a budget!

Hi All

Today I thought I'd share the day of fun my little one and I had last week. Best thing about it was that it didn't cost me more than around £10 for at least 6 different activities, most of which I have leftovers to occupy us another day!

As I am only currently working 'casually' as a Tutor, this summer we couldn't afford to have lots of expensive days out. Luckily, my daughter loves arts and crafts and so I planned a day of this to keep her occupied on a rainy day (or an excruciatingly hot day as I'm rubbish in the heat!) I better just pop a little disclaimer here to say that I haven't been paid to write this article by the companies I mention and that all opinions are my own!

I am a regular shopper in shops like Poundland and Home Bargains, even before I had to tighten the purse strings! So when I visited Poundland and Home Bargains last week I thought I would have a look to see what I could get for my little girl to enjoy. She is only 2 and a half and some of these items are recommended for 3+....but as I was supervising her at all times I found them fine but this would be down to your discretion of course. So here is what we enjoyed!

1. Dough bucket - £1 Poundland

In this little bucket there were 6 cutters and 2 mini pots of dough. What I liked about it was how tidy you could keep it all in the little tub! Chloe had such a lot of fun playing with the cutters and the amount of dough wasn't too messy and so didn't get everywhere! I believe there were three different tubs you could choose from with different themed cutters. Great for £1!

2. Animal masks - £1 Poundland

My little girl absolutely loves animals at the moment and imagining that she is one just got a whole lot better with these masks! She liked colouring them in....although Mummy helped lots with this part!! Playing with them was great fun and there were 12 in a pack of all different animals. Would be great if you were having a party and you wanted a little activity for the kids to do and they could then take them home with them! 6 animals included, 2 of each one and the elastic is ready cut to make it super easy to then into masks! (Excuse the mad Mummy hair!)

3. Decorate your own character - £1 Poundland

My little girl is obsessed with pirates at the minute so when I saw this pack of characters I thought she'd love them. It ended up that she wanted to make a fireman rather than a pirate lol! In this pack you got 8 card outlines for fireman/pirates, 4 of each. Also included are decorations, pom poms, googly eyes, stickers to decorate the pirates more so but again another fun activity. Chloe needed a little help with the outline and colouring-Mummy used the packaging to guide her-but has had so much fun decorating with the eyes and pom poms and then playing with him afterwards! A few more stickers and decorations that would be suitable for the fireman would be good but for £1 you can't go wrong!

4. Decorate your own tiara - £0.59 Home Bargains

The cheapest item of the day and probably the one she loved the most! This was super easy for Chloe to do with just a little help. I stuck on the tape on the jewels but she stuck them all on. The glitter glue was definitely a hit and there was lots left to use on another project. It fastens with some Velcro that is included and it was fantastic! She absolutely loved it, will definitely be going back to their craft section for other little packs.

5. Sticker books - Usborne Dress the Teddy sticker book £4.99

These sticker books are fantastic! What I love about them is that the stickers are nice and big for little hands to play with and it really helps them to get better control of where the clothes should go on the teddy bears. Obviously you can get cheaper sticker books but these are designed for a younger reader and the cute teddy bears are one of my daughter's favourites! Really good quality so I would highly recommend them.

6. Baking! (Around £3 as most things were already in the cupboard!)

The last thing we did was some baking. I love to bake and really enjoy teaching Chloe how to make cakes and what ingredients we need to use, just like my Mum used to do when I was little. Most of the ingredients I already had in the cupboard but I did need to go and buy eggs from our local shop! However, going back to my Poundland bargains, I also bought some Cadburys chocolate spread (£1) and some Jane Asher sprinkles/chocolate white stars (2 for £1!) and she had so much fun! Granted she may have eaten a lot of the toppings before they got onto the cake but for that price I don't mind so much! We love baking so if you would like some more specific baking posts then let me know.

I hope this post has given you a few ideas for crafty bits and bobs to occupy the kids over the holidays! It can be so busy everywhere for the little ones when school is out and so it's a nice alternative to have some fun at home. 

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Brilliant ideas and so cheap :-) It is no fun to sit at home inside with a toddler on a rainy day. Then you really need to find something that could entertain them all day long. My son are in to cars and excavators at the moment. But he likes to drive it over my head and on my computer...he he.. Never mind that he has a hole livingroom to play with them. I think I need to shop something funny too...something like you wrote about in this post. Have a good day :-) xx