Wednesday, 17 August 2016

A Day in Photos # 1

Hi All

I thought I would start a little series on my blog which will be 'A Day in Photos.' I used to see this a lot on blogs years ago and thought I would have a go at one myself. I may do a little intro for each on or I might just put a series of pictures that depict that day! Today I have decided to share with you a great day we had last week at a wildlife park. I am not a master of photography at all but I hope that you get an idea of the kind of day we had from the images that follow! Let me know if you enjoy these kinds of posts. Here goes...

Hope you enjoyed looking at those! They show the excitement and tiredness, the sunshine and the rain, and many an animal, some of which were too tired to say hello when we went! Let me know if you like this kind of post or whether you prefer a bit more of a trip outline! I am planning on doing a 'stay at home typical Mummy day' very soon which will be full of my waffle! Just thought I'd try something different!

Thanks for popping by!

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  1. Nice photos :-) Looks like a day full of joy xx