Friday, 6 May 2016

Entertaining a two-year old - Reading #1

Hi All

One of the biggest challenges I am having with my little girl at the moment is keeping her entertained. I don't know if this is something that all toddlers go through, whether they are just in need of more stimulation or if it is just that they are becoming more demanding but finding new things for us to do together is at the top of my list at the moment! I thought I'd do a few posts on this over the next few weeks and would love to hear about how you entertain your little ones too.

This post is all about reading or engagement with books. This is something that I am very passionate about personally before I became a Mum. I am a big reader and love many different genres of writing. The skills that children develop when reading or even just engaging with books at a young age are so important. We have always read to our little one and it is now a firm fixture to our routine each night. Seeing her now pick up a book, tell us what is happening on each page and trying to read it to us in her own little way is so rewarding. Seeing her go and pick up a book of her own accord and 'read' it to her dolls is also the cutest thing.

I have popped my top five tips below on how to encourage your little ones to read for no means am I an expert! These are just things that have worked for us that you could try if this is something you'd like to do with your little ones:
  1. Create a routine to read - this could be at night or before nap time, it can also really help to calm them down when they are having a moment or two!
  2. Visit the library - we have always visited the library since she was a baby as we took advantage of the free baby sessions they have but this gets them used to a calm environment and the chance to explore lots of different books again and again.
  3. Be silly and let go! - young children love it when their Mummy and Daddy let go and are silly with them. Do the voices, sing the songs and get them to do it with you. Reading should be fun!
  4. Interaction - especially for young children, get books that they can interact with, touch and feel books, lift-the-flaps, sound books, bright colours and ask them questions as you go along and as they get older.
  5. Involve them - get them to choose the books, if they are old enough of course, let them take ownership of them and encourage them to be independent readers, even if it isn't quite reading just yet!
We've found that the above have really helped her to develop a love for reading, at least at the moment anyway! We have been reading some of her favourites to her since she was a baby, some are more recent additions. She absolutely loves rhyming books and will often join in saying the last words of sentences as we are reading. If you'd be interested to read a top 10 books for babies/toddlers kind of post then please let me know in the comments.

I could talk about books all day so I'm going to finish this post here! I hope it helps and definitely is one of our forms of entertainment for our little one. Also one that is relatively quiet and mess-free!

Thanks for reading!


  1. I have to start reading for my son soon. But he don't want to sit still and listen he he.. If I give him a book he will rip the pieces apart :-( But I have to continue trying :-)

  2. Maybe a noisy book would grab his attention? They drive me nuts but my daughter loves them! I'm lucky that she will sit and listen to stories most of the long it will last I have no idea!!x

  3. I will Try to find Some funny books..and hopefully Some of them will catch his interest 😄 Those he already has he do not fancy at the moment 😰